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XXL Hot Pot is a steamboat place that have outlets in Kuala Lumpur and Johor area. They are famous for their variety of spicy soup broth that you can choose from depends on your tolerance level. Plus, they offer various dishes and fresh ingredients that you can enjoy with it.


The overall visual design was unattractive and looks exactly the same as every steamboat place. Although the concept was good, but it was visually unattractive.


We help them to reconstruct and position their brand to visually present their concept to their target audience.


Increase of in-store sales by 50% and brand awareness


We decided to make the brand to be more interesting and intimate to customers with a youthful appearance. The overall design style added vintage elements and chili illustrations which allows the brand to show the spicy feeling and affection.


We decided to infuse fun and experienceable feeling while they order their food and be able to relate to the logo at the same time. So, we created 5 different spicy levels for them to choose from with a touch of creativity.

Brand Guide

To prevent any distortion and harmful adjustment to the logo, we created a guide for XXL Hot Pot to follow for future development.


The environmental design was decorated with vignettes of small chilli peppers in the restaurant interior for a fun and joyous atmosphere. A mascot was designed in the form of a small pepper character with several different expressions to represent different spicy flavours. A good brand is not only defined by its appearance but also by an environment that allows customers to enjoy their meal. With this, the satisfaction of sight and taste can be achieved.

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