Creative Production

Venus Regio is an online crystal jewelry shop. Their jewelry ranges from crystal ornaments, bracelets, pendants, rings, decorative fossils, minerals, and many more.


We need to come out with a brand with a few different criteria. Premium, classic and it's suitable for a crystal jewelry shop that targets young female consumers.


We use a traditional Chinese concept to visually present the brand and overall style mix with a modern design.


A fashionable logo with premium and vintage visuals.

Logo Concept

Venus Regio logo is a combination of the 3 circles. From just the visual design alone, it looks similar to the diagram for 'The 5 elements of Feng Shui', which can help to bring balance in all aspects of life. Besides, we added floral patterns to enhance the brand's overall visual to show the feelings of elegant, classic and premium.

Brand Concept

Classic, premium and the ability to attract younger people to wear Venus Regio's product. These are the keywords we use to create their brand concept. Through our brand makeover and consultation, their sales performances were increased by 3.5 times.


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