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Tivoli is a pet-friendly cafe based at Bukit Tinggi, Klang. Customers are welcome with/without their pets (small breed dogs) to enjoy their meals here. Other than the food that the customers can enjoy, their pets get to have their furkid meals as well. Besides, they also provide pet sitting/hotel, spa and grooming services.


Tivoli’s previous cafe menu has a limited choice of food, beverages and lack of visual presentation. Therefore, they would like to have a makeover for their menu.


We helped Tivoli to rearranged and structured their menu by showing their best selling products to the front page. Did a photoshoot session with their products and include them into their cafe menu to enhance their overall visual presentation. Besides, we also helped them to find and create the best color to match with their overall brand identity.


Clear, precise and visually satisfying new Tivoli cafe menu.

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