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Pets Trails is a pet business in Klang, Selangor. They offer high-quality pets food, fashionable clothing, accessories, grooming services, pets hotel, cafe, and pets selling at a reasonable price.


Pets Trails plan to be a one-stop pet service provider in Klang, Selangor. But, they were facing location and direction barriers as their shops are separated in different locations and directions which confuses the customers. Besides, they were planning to move towards eCommerce as well.


To solve Pets Trails issues, we helped them to unite their shops and visually display them as a one-stop pet service provider to the audience by standardizing their design, color and direction guide for each of their shops. Plus, we help them to create their eCommerce site and promote it through social media campaigns.


We solved not only the confusion issue Pets Trails was facing but also help them to present their message of; “One-stop pet service provider” visually and clearly to their audience. Plus an eCommerce store that is actively running with the help of our social media campaigns.



Social Media Campaign


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