Creative Production

M Lighting is a professional custom lighting sales service.


Figure out a way to highlight the unique points of this newcomer to the lighting industry.


We propose to introduce them into the market through storytelling method with the title of “A space where dreams come to light”.

A warm guiding light at the right place and time is like a fading dream to many while a place of darkness only serves to blind us from reaching our dreams, as we fall into a dark pit searching for hope, we forget that the comfort of a warm space is what gives us hope. M Lighting, providing the right lighting solution to light up your dream in any space.


Created an inspiring brand story with a unique logo and overall experience that stands out among its competitors.

Brand Identity
& Colors

We decided to use a combination of the letter [M] and rays of light when designing the trademark of M Lighting. The letter [M] stands for their [m]ission while making the concept look more in line with the product. Behind every good brand is a heartwarming story, so these four elements were created with their story in mind.

Peace, rest and relax in the light of a bedroom.
Energy, learn and work in the light of a study.
Security, youthful play in the light of a kids room
Joy, hopes and dreams in the light of home.

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