Creative Production

Lunamins Health & Beauty is a health and wellness distributor in Malaysia focusing on creating potent, complex, bio-available dietary supplement to provide the optimum levels of all the essential nutrients needed to nourish and sustain healthy cells.


Supplement print and packages needed a better design to target younger women’s target audiences.


We help them to redesign their print and packaging according to their brand direction and color.


Younger and fresher overall appearance.

Brand Concept

The brand concept is based on the natural beauty of women. Pink is an elegance colour and is commonly used to represent women. A grayscale colouration is used to symbolise a woman's true beauty and charm from within that's not necessarily painted on their face. Lunamins is a collagen supplement pill that helps women regain their youthful confidence without the reliance on cosmetics.


For packaging design, we used pink and white as the theme color. As for product shooting, we use common daily items to describe the place and time of day which product would be used in a fun and lively environment.

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