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Founded in 2017, the story and the vision of the brand was simple and focused. Jujumello Intimates is a lingerie and nightwear brand curated for the perfect Asian woman. with aesthetic, pleasure, strength and self-expression as core values, Jujumello is created to give women a full experience of sensuality.


Create a brand with the style based on the theme: “ Hollywood in the 80s and 90s ”.


We decided to use a retro theme to produce their required style for their brand.


Sensational and sexy overall visual just as what they need.

Brand Color
& image

Jujumelo's overall lingerie designs are based on the theme of Hollywood in the 80s and 90s. To emphasize the brand's sexiness, we have used darker retro colors for the theme, European and American laces design as background style.

Social Media

After the brand positioning process completed, we used social media to help Jujumello to increase their brand awareness and acquire new customers. The content we designed is in line with the brand's image style. Every content planned, copywriting and photos are taken into careful consideration by our team.


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