Heygo is a steamboat app that established recently in May 2019. Their target audiences are the people born in the 80s, 90s, and 00s where most of them preferred ordering their food online. They have various food merchants to choose from and activity expanding their area of delivery.


The client wants a creative logo that stands out among other competitors in the market.


After our internal brainstorming session, we decided to use a Hero concept to promote and present the brand into the market.


Overall visual presentation is able to show the brand persona and their message is being delivered clearly to the audience.


Recently, there's a popular demand of steamboat for lunch and dinner. Hence, consumers are getting annoyed as they need to book in advance or queue for a very long time for a steamboat meal. So, HeyGo is created to solve this issue with the slogan of "你的黑锅, 由我们来背". In English, it means we will help you to solve any problems that you are currently facing. To portray the brand message to the target audience, we use Hero as an overall concept to create and design the brand story/logo.

Logo Concept

To portray the hero message to the logo, we combine a human warrior and a steamboat to create their logo.

Packaging Concept

As for their packaging design, the color must be vivid enhance the heroic effect. The overall color is dominated by black and bright orange to visually attract the audience attention.

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