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Smoking is one of the most difficult habits to quit. It is harmful to our health and it affects people from all comers of the world. Many people choose to quit smoking for themselves or those around them, but just the desire to do so may not be enough. If often requires some tools and support to successfully quit smoking. GEMPAQ is a mobile app that can help smokers get through the storm.


We need to create a brand logo and story that is suitable for GEMPAQ; a mobile app that helps people to quit smoking.


We use the color Cyan as their theme color that creates a vitality feeling and a cigarette blending in with their brand name.


A clean overall feeling and an eye-catching logo.

Brand Identity
& Colors

We hope that this app can create a feeling of health and vitality, so cyan is used as the theme colour. It allows users to feel refreshed and healthy! For the logo design, we combine the symbol of a cigarette and the letter 'G' that stands for the name of the brand itself, GEMPAQ. The colour of the cigarette gradually becomes lighter, showing the addiction to cigarette shallowly fading away, slowly making your life healthier!

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