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Bucket B Cafe is a child-friendly cafe where the parents can enjoy a cup of coffee or tea while watching their little ones play in the secure play area.


Weak brand positioning among the highly competitive market.


Improve brand positioning of the company through design and create a fun and unique kids friendly cafe concept.


Top 10 kids-friendly cafe in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor.


We developed a concept for their waiter uniforms, coffee cups, and menus. As a customer walks into the cafe, other than receiving a good service, visual satisfaction is just as important. The layout design of the menu emphasizes the display of its food. As they open the menu, they will be amazed by the delicious food illustration that would make them drools. The overall design is as such to give customers a fun and enjoyable experience.

Glass Sticker

Safety rules and precaution signs are very important for a kid-friendly cafe with an indoor playground. Therefore, we help them to design sticker notices as the rules in the playground. We applied interesting cartoons and eye-catching colors to match the brand concept as well as to make sure that the customers pay attention to the notices.


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