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The Bassment is a music-themed restaurant that offers a place where you can enjoy your meal with wine and music.


We need to come out with a logo, store design and print design with a mysterious bar concept.


We use their location of the bar as an overall concept to create their logo combining with a few keywords such as a basement, social place, stage, and bar.


Eye-catching logo that visually display their brand message and a cozy store design for a social activity.

Brand Concept

The restaurant originally had a basement and the client wanted to transform it into a mysterious space for a bar. So, we combine the Chinese and English version of the word “basement” and use it as a concept to create the brand logo with a few extra keywords.

Logo & Brand

We offered two logo designs to our client. The first logo is in English with the concept of "music" where customers can experience a musical environment. The second logo is in Chinese with the idea of a "dialogue box" which encourage customers to socialize with others. After some rounds of adjustments, the attitude of this new brand is complete.Hence, The Bassment "地下事" was born where it is a mysterious place where you can enjoy music, food, socialization and wine.

Store Design

The materials of the bar are brown bricks and woods. Together with dim lighting and cozy interior design. The Bassment is definitely a great place to enjoy, relax and have fun with your friends and family.

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