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We will explore your brand journey with you, starting from your ideas, and customize services through a diverse model. We'll work on your demand and achieved your dreams together with you.


Brand development has both internal and external motives and both influence each other. We gather diverse information, extract the key elements, add in creative ingenuity, and then extend the consistent communication language from the core of the brand so that each contact point with the consumers can produce a strong and powerful story.


  • I need to launch a new product/service

  • My curent brand needs transformation

  • I need an outstanding design for my brand

We'll build a new brand for you with our one-stop service.

We’ll help you to identify your brand position for your products/services and develop a story proposition that will make your audience remember them. We'll use clear and creative ways to present your brand to your target audience within the competitive market. Besides, we will provide various content to support your brand as well.

We'll help you to reconstruct your brand.

Through professional analytics, we will help you to define the status of your brand, opportunities and overcome current obstacles. Reposition and construct effective communication and visual to effectively enhance your brand performance.

We will offer you an eye-catching creative design.

We will help your brand to identify a creative concept that will match with your brand spirit and at the same time develop a unique visual design that will make your brand stand out among your competitors.


Discover Insight

1. Business visitation

- In-depth business interviews
- Business model focus
- Consensus workshop

2. Brand asset review

- Marketing communication exam
- Visual communication exam
- Brand internalization exam

3. Consumer research

- Customer data analysis
- Focused interview
- Online questionaire

4. Market research

- Competitor analysis
- Industry trend analysis
- Market segmentation

Develop Strategy

1. Brand positioning strategy

- Establish long-term value
- Find the business DNA
- Market and consumers

2. Communication strategy

- Brand proposition slogan
- Chinese and English naming
- Writing your brand story

3. Brand architecture table

- Product level classification
- Brand collection naming
- Characteristic recommendations

4. Brand principle application

- Brand visualstyle
- Communication guidelines
- Media recommendations

Design Execution

1. Brand recognition system

- Logo design and specifications
- Basic application design
- Corporate gifts

2. Design extension

- Packaging design
- Catalog and poster design
- Exhibition design

3. Brand communication design

- Visual creativity photography
- Brand website
- Image video

4. Commercial space planning

- Brand visual application
- Interior space design
- Integrating construction

Deliver Value

1. Brand guidelines

- Brand guideline manual
- Brand extension QC
- Agents brief

2. Brand internalization

- Brand importation workshop
- Brand education training
- Regular brand consultant

3. Communication plan

- Annual marketing plan
- Marketing media purchasing
- Marketing material production

4. Sales application

- Store displays
- E-business displays
- Cross-border e-business sales

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