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Milk Way Strategy believes that each brand has a life of its own, a story to tell and a character that defines who they are. It’s the first sight and impression when someone reviews your business card, store, and office. With our logical strategic analysis and planning, we can help you to create a brand with a distinctive characteristic and a long-term value. By working together with us, you can focus on your product services while we transform your brand for your business behind the scene.


Different companies will have different stories to tell; same goes to brands. We will listen to the story behind your brand and understand it at a deeper level. By doing so, we will be able to visualize it and spice it up with a touch of creativity and construct it to perfection. Making your brand alive with a character you like and distinguish it from your competitors.


Discover Insight

We work together as a team to address brand weaknesses and identify an area for improvement by going through various brand implementation with numerous business interviews, workshops, data analysis, and trend research analysis.


Develop Strategy

To differentiate and identify the best brand position, we will go through various brand exploration and cross-industry data research to create a unique and impressive brand story with a consumer ease communication method to initiate our brand strategy and plans.


Design Execution

A good story, coupled with strong and impactful visual, will leave a significant impression to the audience. With that in mind, we provide numerous visual design services to serve different brands requirement ranging from brand designing, commercial space planning, website, photography and video production. In Milk Way Strategy, we provide you a one-stop solution for your brand.


Deliver Value

We are convinced that providing value to the audience is the key to success. Hence, we help businesses to work on brand internalization so that all your employees can be a brand spokesperson. We will be helping you to set a brand goal as well, to ease and continue the communication between your brand and your audience.



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